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Maria Merlino Patterns for A.C. Moore

Maria Merlino's Signature Patterns for A.C. Moore

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I was thrilled when A.C. Moore opened Store #062 here in South Philadelphia. They asked me to come up with some patterns for their new season theme of  School Spirit Scarves and School Spirit Knots.

Lindsey wearing 2-Color Fun Fur Scarf made with Red Heart Super Saver yarn and holding a Lion Brand Homespun yarn Spirit Knot. See Plans, Page 4. School Spirit Knots, See Page 6.

A couple of years ago I started making models for the store to display. I also did some demonstrating of new products, new techniques and of course — crochet.

If you're not familiar with A.C. Moore, it's mostly on the East Coast but spreading rapidly. Before they moved in to Pier 70 here, there was a dearth of craft stores in my neck of the woods: in other words, NONE!

What started out as one A.C. Moore store in 1985 has now grown to 96. And there's another just opening in Chattanooga, Tenn.


Lamont wearing Striped Scarf made with Red Heart Super Saver yarn and holding a Spirit Knot. See Plans, Page 1.





Gene wearing 3-Color Fun Fur Scarf  made with Lion Brand Festive Fur yarn and holding a Caron Brand Glimmer Spirit Knot. See Plans, Page 4.







Miriam wearing Spiral Scarf made with Red Heart Super Saver yarn and holding a Lion Brand Homespun yarn Spirit Knot. See Plans, Page 3.










Peggy wearing Mesh Scarf made with Red Heart Super Saver yarn and Lion Brand Fun Fur yarn, holding a Red Heart Super Saver yarn Spirit Knot. See Plans, Page 2.





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